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A few weeks ago, MerciAlfred, published a fun infography about French cities. Of course, Lyon was one of them and its description was hilarious. Hilarious because when you live a city, you learn to love its flaws as much as its strengths. When I lived in Philadelphia, I never understood how people from other cities could appreciate It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia, as much as someone from Philly could. It’s only REALLY funny if you can laugh about yourself.

Lyon infography

Reading this chart, it appears that MerciAlfred had forgotten a slice of the pie, and there are only 90% of Lyon completed… Here are a few suggestion for them to fill the blank:

Lyon according to MerciAlfred

  • 10% the capital of gastronomy (no doubt about that)
  • 10% the capital of Gaule (history has spoken, we were indeed)
  • 10% the capital of quenelle (local delicacy, capital we are!)
  • 10% the capital of province (that’s the never-ending fight with Marseille for the place of “second city after Paris”… no comment)
  • 10% the capital of printing (not sure why but we have a museum to prove so)
  • 10% the capital of movies (the first one was made here after all, call us Lyonlywood!)
  • 10% the capital of fishing (?!?!??!??!??!?????!?!)
  • 10% the capital of silk (well, living in Croix-Rousse, I know all about that – and we have a museum to prove so as well)
  • 10% the capital of Resistance (big history in this department, as well as a museum)

That’s 90%… so what else? Suggestions:

  • 10% the capital of museums (if you read the list above you’ll understand)?
  • 10% the capital of soccer (French Champions seven times in a row!)?
  • 10% the capital of FrenchTech (well, at least we’re part of them…)?
  • 10% the capital of music festivals  (hello Nuits Sonores, Nuits de Fourvières,… shall I go on?)
  • 10% the capital of swing (not the dance, nor the music… nope… you didn’t know that did you?)

Which one do you prefer?