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Finding five new things to share with you can prove to be more difficult that I initially imagined. But it forces me to think about what excites me and to be grateful for finding things to get excited about.

As you know, for the past few years I have been coaching young entrepreneurs (or wannabe entrepreneurs) into understanding the business world and getting started with a new adventure. Today, I would like to introduce you to five of them that I have a special place in my heart for.

5 startups to follow

Photo credit: Trafalgar Magazine

Photo credit: Trafalgar Magazine

You know there are unknown fashion treasures all around you. You know that your next fashion statement is just around the corner… But you just don’t know where. That was before Cornr. Whether you’re a fashion designer or fashion addict, you should take a look at Cornr.

I met the #TeamCornr when they were selected to be a part of the 5th season of BoostInLyon and although I never was their official coach, I always enjoyed following their adventures and supporting their marketing efforts the best I could.

To stay up to date with Cornr’s news, follow them at @Cornr_co



Cy-ClopeTake two young lads whom probably never smoked a cigarette in their life. Put them through a program built around Design Thinking at I.D.E.A and they’ll come up with the dream of changing the world one smoker at a time. How? By helping smokers make a social gesture and throw their cigarette butts in a Cy-Clopeur where they’ll be preserved to be transformed into recycled material.

Cy-Clope was born while studying bees… Ask Antoine and Thibault to tell you their story, it’s utterly interesting. As it has been for me to be their coach for a year and their ultimate fan for the years to come.

Keep up with Cy-Clope on Twitter at @Cy_Clope


origoThe first time I asked Ivan Debay what Origo was exactly about, I nodded and smiled but didn’t get anything… I heard the words “electricity” and “renewable” and I was lost. Or so I thought. And one day Ivan asked for help editing copy for his website. We were co-workers and that’s the type of things you do for your peers. And I spent a little more time and attention understanding his job, which is truly fascinating. Did you know that you can actually manage where the electricity you use is coming from? And you can guarantee that it sources is sustainable.

Want to know more? Follow Origo on Twitter at @origocircuit


PrototypoWhen I joined BoostInLyon last summer, they asked me: “which start-up do you want to be working with?” I hadn’t participated into the jury, I had no idea whom was doing what. Prototypo had something to do with design and it reminded me my early career, so I went with it. Little did I know that would be a match made in heaven.

If you’re tired of using the same old Helvetica (because, in doubt, always use Helvetica), if you ever dreamt of having a font that is yours and yours only, if you’re a graphic designer, or if you’re not a graphic designer. Prototypo is about to change the way you see what you write.

Curious? Check them out on Twitter at @PrototypoApp


Trafalgar MagazineHow can I not mention my girls…? Although we cannot speak about a startup per se, I couldn’t do this list without Trafalgar Magazine in it.

When Allison Oswald and Marion Derouvroy came to me during their time at BoostInLyon, looking for advice on how to turn their online magazine into a business, I couldn’t resist. Their energy is contagious and what they have accomplished while they’re not even 25 yet is simply amazing. Those two are going far. That I’m sure of.

If you feel a little audacious, check out their portraits of young artists & entrepreneurs; and if you really feel audacious, have them write yours. You’ll never see yourself the same way once you’ve seen yourself through Trafalgar’s eyes.

Want to be audacious with Trafalgar on Twitter, follow them: @TrafalgarMag