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Generally, I will talk on my French blog, about wonderful articles and tools… in English. This time, I’m inverting the trend. Here’s a wonderful book… in French! Of course, I’m not expecting everyone to learn French just to read that book (although…)

réussir-son-entreprise-sans-business-planA couple of weeks ago, I had the opportunity to attend a presentation from Claude Ananou, Montreal HEC professor and author of the aforementioned book, about his vision of creating businesses (he created about a dozen himself) and the new process he developed, called SynOpp. To say it rocked my world would be light. This workshop lifted my spirits while formalizing an approach that I instinctively had started to drift toward: the anti-business-plan and the praise of the Gros Bon Sens (Good Old Common Sense).

Allow me to summarize for you 7 key learnings I gathered from him on the art of putting together a project: business or, in my idea, marketing…

1. The Need: If there is no need there for it, your project will be utopia; i.e., will fail.

2. The Solution: In what seas will your project (the solution you’re offering) swim? Plug here, Blue Ocean Strategy training coming up in July…

3. The Benefits: Is this project/solution desired? Desirable?

4. The Potential: Is your project economically viable on its market?

5. The Risks: What are your uncertainties? How could they potentially turn into risks?

6. The Action Plans: Marketing. Implementation. Financial. Legal.

7. The Next Steps: What will you do next?

You have answers? Then you have a project. Now, all you have to do is go…

* Succeeding in creating a business without a business plan