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I know, we’re in April… Not so much the “new year” anymore!

Well, there is no better time than NOW, to think things through and make strategic decisions. Since it had been a year that I left Philly and since I was there again for a couple of weeks, what better time and place to strategize the international part of my business?

I looked into what I had been doing, what I wanted to do, what I enjoyed doing, what my current clients, worldwide, needed me for, what the limitations of the distance were, what the opportunities of the international aspect were, what I knew, what I wanted to learn, what I wanted to teach… and much more.  I put that into a big hat and shook.

Then I did a SWOT analysis.

Then I shook again.

Then I read some inspiring case studies in my Blue Ocean Strategy book.

Then I shook one last time and let it sit for a while.

Finally I picked up a good old paper and pen, and I started jolting down ideas, toying them around until they all made sense and worked together.

Screen shot 2013-04-24 at 4.56.16 PMI’m very happy to introduce the new and improved RDE Marketing (formerly Raison d’Être)!

My services are now organized in three different categories: E-marketing Strategy, Social Media Coaching, and Teaching & Training. All three are applicable to any size business, whether you’re a large company needing a jolt of content-based marketing, a small business deciding that you were going to make the most of what’s available to you out there, or an individual wanting to position yourself strategically for career advancement or simply because you care about how you’re represented online.

And because no one deserves less than an expert, I have surrounded myself with the best. From web-design to search engine optimization, from event planning to copy-writing, from e-reputation management to public-relations, from performance marketing to video production, we can help you handle any aspect of your campaign implementation, worldwide.

So dig in the website, fill the online marketing assessment and get some first thoughts, strategy pointers and next steps suggestions. My treat!