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When RDE Marketing opened two years ago, I intended to see a portion of the revenue stream to come from teaching (preaching as I call it) marketing, digital marketing and entrepreneurship to bachelor and master degree students. My goal, beside the obvious (i.e. revenue stream) was to participate into making the marketing teams of tomorrow, and to introduce them to a new way of thinking marketing: as a conversation between a brand and a consumer, as a service from a brand to a customer, and no longer as a unilateral message from the brand to the audience.

Mission accomplished. I am now teaching in five different business and marketing schools in the area, and (almost) every day I feel the joy of transmitting my experience and the values that I believe in.

What I did not expect, was that I would want to push the experience one step further and bring one of my students into RDE Marketing by offering to hire one of them as an intern for a 6-month period. But the marketing class I taught all year long to ISEFAC‘s Marketing & Management Bachelor 3, was a pure blast. The team let me handle the class my way and I was able to have the 12 students experience all aspects of marketing through a year-long project. I must confess, it was my favorite class to teach, and I got to create real relationships with some of the students, which explains why I did not hesitate to offer them the opportunity to keep the experience going.

Four of them applied for the internship and after a grueling decisional process, I picked one of them to help me develop a catalog of training sessions for small business owners.

Introducing Charlotte Fayat

Charlotte Fayat

@MedjeriBadis: Shooting #Aliceaupaysdesmerveilles @fayatcharlotte

At 21 years old, Charlotte impressed me by the maturity she has been showing in class and in the beginning of her professional life. In many ways, she reminds me of Gabrielle who worked by my side for almost two years in Philadelphia: she has the same interest for fashion, the same ¬†quirky creativity in the way she presents herself and the same quiet strength. But more than anything, I have felt in Charlotte the entrepreneurial fiber and that, I can’t wait to explore more with her.

Charlotte will join me in developing a new training product for RDE Marketing starting March 24. She will be on board for six months and chances are you will get to know her, so why not start now and follow her on Twitter: @fayatcharlotte.