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As you now, RDE Marketing is officially born. New country, new name, it was quite natural that I use that opportunity to rethink my branding.

Choosing how to represent yourself is the most fascinating, yet frustrating process. I gave a good look at my logo and thought it was time for it to evolve. Somehow. But I still love it. It’s so meaningful to me. It was such a huge step back in 2008, when I created Raison d’Etre. How to bring it the next level? To the new me? To the new company?

Here’s 2008 Raison d’Etre’s logo (design by Pilla Creative Group):

And at the time, it was perfect.

One way to evolve the brand to it’s new identity without changing it drastically was to play with colors. The purple and green had a story: the business card of a Parisian restaurant that I once found and fell in love with the color combo of an eggplant on lime green background. It even inspired my first living room, a long, long, time ago: purple couch and lime green curtains.

I am passed that.

That’s another life. Another me. Another business.

Today I was looking for something that said elegance, sophistication, dramatic, power, style… In one word (or three), I’m going Back To Black.

It made sense, it fitted, but something was missing. The little color touch that makes the difference. For a moment I thought it would be green (the color I had kept during my transition phase – i.e. this website and my current business card), but it wasn’t IT for me. What was missing was warmth and femininity. That’s when I realized there was only one way around it: put some pink on it!

Ta-da… Here’s the new and improved RDE Marketing logo:

What do you think? Feel free to put your feedback in the comment section!

Audrey Julienne is a Social Media Consultant and Professional Speaker. Audrey helps businesses use Social Media and develop strong Content Marketing campaigns to build their brands.