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I spent the last Holiday weekend (May 8th, we’re celebrating the victory of 1945 by not working – yay France!) in South of France. And instead of hitting the beach, I hit the library.

A real, old school, one. Not an iPad in sight, but books. Hundreds of them. I was able to touch them, open them, smell them… and it filled my heart like a Proust madeleine. As I was in the train back to Lyon, my neighbour stopped me upon arrival: “I noticed,” he said, “you are reading La Nuit des Temps (The Ice People). Is it your first time?” Of course not, it probably is the 15th. We stroke a conversation.

Had I been reading the book on my iPad, he would have not known what I was reading. We wouldn’t have talked. I wouldn’t have missed much, but, the more connected I am, the more this quick human exchange with a stranger is the type of interaction I’m craving. So, indeed, yes I would have missed a lot.

In another one of Barjavel’s novel, the world goes nuts with technology until it succumbs to a huge fire. The few survivors are safe until one of them invent the wheel. Let’s hope we never get there, let’s grab a real book instead!