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IMG_3605Last Sunday I ran my first 10k. It was a moment of joy that started with a group of friends. We were all in this together, we had all prepared together, we were going to celebrate post-race together. But we you race, you race alone.

You start losing one another in the starting block, you begin to run together but you soon find out that you go on different rhythms and, in the end, it’s just you and your music, finding your own groove. We you finish the race, exhausted, but accomplished and happy no one is there. You have¬†been separated, you’re on your own, with your tears, your joy and your pride.

And the runner leaves the race. Alone among 25, 000 other runners.

Until they meet again. Because to this race, there is a friendly happy ending over a banquet (that’s how we do it here, see¬†The Adventures of Asterix). And that’s what made me think this story is a great metaphor for an entrepreneur’s life: sometimes you have to run alone, but in the entrepreneurial journey, you should always be able to meet again.