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Back in February I was introducing you to Five startups to follow. Young entrepreneurs I was lucky to work alongside of and coach a little closer for some. Around that time, I also was introduced to De Rigueur an innovative brand in high quality leather goods, that got selected to join the BoostInLyon program.

Although I had less time with Adrien and his team, I cannot say that any of them worked less than the other toward the ultimate goal: to launch and to succeed. And it has been a pleasure to spend time with “my boys”: Yannick & Louis-Rémi from Prototypo, Adrien from DeRigueur and Antoine & Thibault from Cy-Clope and see them and their project grow.

On March 28, I had the immense pride and pleasure to see all them be distinguished with a Young Entrepreneur of the Year prize. They ruled the pitching game, they convinced the various juries and they climbed on stage to receive their prize. Couldn’t be happier to see their efforts being crowned by the entrepreneurial ecosystem.

Where are they now?

After winning the Lyon Startup Contest, Prototypo is being courted by several investors, business angels and venture capitalists. Negotiations are in progress and the new version of the SaaS is to be released in September.

DeRigueur just raised a few thousand euros on the French crowdfunding site KissKissBankBank, to increase the size of its product catalog and explore new territories.

And Cy-Clope signed their first client and the concept is becoming a media craze as the fight against cigarette buds is spreading like wildfire in major French cities.

As for me, I have mostly moved from the “coach” position to the “official cheerleader” one and while I will always support them and admire their successes, my job is done. Now, I’m looking forward to live many more exciting adventures with the new comers.