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By Ivan Serrano

The average American spends over 34 hours a month on their smartphone either browsing the web or using an app. However, since they are generally using their devices on-the-go, most don’t have the time to read scroll through long form text. Instead, videos have been growing in popularity due to its effectiveness at communicating information in a short amount of time. Not to mention, video is visually engaging and has more of an emotional impact than text.

Yet many brands still fail to embrace social videos. Many marketers still have not make video marketing a priority for their business for a couple reasons: they don’t think consumers want branded video content and their budget doesn’t allow for it. Studies show that consumers absolutely want branded content as 40 percent prefer to watching a brand video over reading text. Costs have also decreased over the years as production no longer requires an entire team to take and edit the videos.

Many companies simply don’t create videos because they don’t see how they can incorporate it into their brand. Luckily, even non visual brands can take advantage of social video marketing. Some of the most popular video content types are:

  • Tutorials/how-tos
  • Comedy/spoof
  • Product information
  • Announcements
  • Teasers

The most important part of all these videos is that they provide some kind of value to the consumer whether it’s information or entertainment. If you’re ready to get started on video, this infographic can provide you with details on the different video platforms and the best way to leverage them for your company and for its users. With all of these different sites available and the increasing demand for videos, there is no longer any excuse for not investing in social video. Brands that fail to meet this demand are losing out on engagement and ultimately sales.


IvanSerranoIvan Serrano is a web journalist living in San Francisco, California. He sticks to his strengths in writing, which are social media and business. You can follow him on Twitter at @IvanSerrano55