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Yesterday I went to the movies.

I saw Avengers – Age of Ultron. I know: not the indie-smart-obscur-but-romantic piece that you would think a French person, woman with that, would want to see to blow some steam. But hey, I had a long, exhausting, week, don’t judge, I also like a good testosterone-filled, super-heroes, story once in a while.

The movie is doing the trick: nothing more or less than the expected: fights, special-effects, more fights, a little bit of romance, did I mention the fights? And, my all time favorite IronMan humour. Plenty. Can’t help it, I’m a total fan of Tony Stark.

But, what really happened, is that I got an illumination: we are all Avengers.

I can see you wondering: “did she fall on her head?” Bear with me for a minute here. Truth is, the best about the Avengers is that while being the best, they’re also the worst…

There is only perfection in imperfection

Take any group of people: your colleagues, your family, or an association you belong to. Imagine that group has a common goal. It might not be to save the world, but it could be to launch a product, to protect the amazonian forest or to organise grand-ma’s 85th birthday party. Now observe. I’m guessing you picture a room packed of well-meaning, loud mouthed, ego-tripping individuals whom spend as much time fighting with each other than they are toward the common goal. Right?

Last week I participated to a strategy meeting for an association that I belong to. And I guarantee, we spent more time disagreeing or questioning the questions that we did actually answering them or moving decisions forward. But beyond all that, we found ourselves working toward the common goal: to make something better.

Together, our imperfections are not what is slowing us down. Together, our imperfections are what is making us unique. The super-heroes of entrepreneurship in a way.

In summary, allow me to quote my “friend” Tony Stark:

I don’t trust a guy without a dark side. Call me old fashioned.