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As you know, I volunteer time coaching entrepreneurs of all ages and guiding them into the intricate world of business creation and marketing.

No later than this morning, I was chatting with one of them, about their crowdfunding campaign. Their goal: raising money to better their website and consequently their offer, and, of course, increase their sales. So far, nothing wrong, correct?

Turns out, the person was talking about their campaign using only negative vocabulary: “we don’t have a good enough network”, “we are not good enough at communicating”, and, icing on the cake: “who would be interested in funding our project anyway?” I couldn’t take it anymore and told her that if she wanted to shoot herself in the foot she was doing exactly that with such a mindset.

Mindset and confidence are a great part of anyone’s success. It’s because you believe that you can do something that you might actually succeed. Would you ever consider jumping over a deep gap if you were questioning your ability to do so? Same goes with your marketing: first order of business is “believe in yourself”.

We become what we think about.
–Earl Nightingale

What do you think about yourself?