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The hardest step is not necessarily the one we think. What was the hardest step in your entrepreneurial journey?

The most difficult thing is the decision to act, the rest is merely tenacity.
–Amelia Earhart

Yes, deciding that time has come, we are ready to stop being afraid, and we can jump into a new world, the entrepreneurial world. That decision is the hardest one to make. No more safety net but well assessed risks, and boundaries as to when to stop. In between, it’s nothing more than tenacity.

Tenacity facing your well-intended entourage who’s starting to believe you have lost your mind. Tenacity facing banker, clients, vendors… Tenacity facing your loved ones whom might need to be the ones showing support for a while. And tenacity facing your parents whom suddenly realize that you have not chosen the easiest path, and, by definition, they’re parents after all, will worry.

Whom did you have to be tenacious with when you started your entrepreneurial journey? Care to share some stories?